Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Korean Folk Village

Sunday we spent the day with some friends of ours from Alaska at the Korean Folk Village. We really enjoyed hanging with them and their sweet little girls.
This is where they filmed the movie "The King and I"

This is a walkway that crosses the creek....notice there are no side rails or any means of protecting you from falling off the side.

This amazed me.....this bridge is a main throughway to cross the creek in the Korean Folk Village....I wouldn't recommend taking a stroller across it.....

They definitely don't have the safety standards that we have in the US. Notice the tight rope is held up by 2 poles only....and of course their is no net underneath.

This is an implement used on Korea prisoners. I can't imagine having this block of wood on my neck for weeks at a time.

Jeff & Grace
This is a Korean basket weaver at work

Grace & Liz ready for tea

Ed carrying the Korean urine pots. They used these pots to collect human urine, then transport it to the fields for fertilizer

I love the Korean way of dance. I was impressed with the moves of these guys!

The Korean Folk Village is home to numerous collections of Korean cultural artifacts, providing an opportunity to experience and learn the culture of the Korean ancestors firsthand. The site provides a venue to promote traditional Korean culture to both domestic and international visitors, and provides an open-air learning place for succeeding generations. The village has been developed to convey the wisdom and the spirits of our ancestors to both domestic and international tourists.

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